Sunday, November 7, 2010

Amaya's Halloween Festivities

Amaya's Halloween festivities kicked off with her annual Halloween party at the gym. She had a blast with her friends Avery, K.J., Gavin, and Sebastion. They are her gym BFF's. She went as Abby since after her gym parties her clothes frequently need major stain treatment, and her new costume is not washable. She makes such a cute Abby it was fun to get use out of this costume again.

I took the following two pictures when we picked her up from her gym party. She cracked us up making scary faces and growling at us with her new purple vampire teeth in her mouth. Scott gave an oscar worthy performance acting scared.

Next up, her Halloween party at pre-school. She was soooo excited to wear her Ariel princess costume! I only have these 2 pictures from before I took her to preschool. But Amaya's pre-school BFF Mia's mom told me she snuck in and got some great pics of the girls during the party. I will share them when she emails them to me. Mia went as Strawberry Shortcake, complete with hair dyed red. She was was my little princess.

A few days before Halloween Amaya had a Halloween blast at Will and Ella's house. Thanks Anjee for hosting!

Snow White, aka Kate

Batman, aka Will

Tinkerbell, aka Sophie

Ariel Princess Twins, aka Brooklyn and Amaya

Catwoman, aka Ella

Sebastian, aka Alexis

the srw toddler trio
the srw baby trio

My Little Princess

Brooks exploring in the dirt.

Jaxon the UPS guy moonlights as a lawnmower.

Leave it to the princesses to play in the sand. (Brooklyn, a fairy-sorry I forgot her name, and Ellie as Tinkerbell)
I uploaded a picture of Maxdyn the princess and Ben the pumpkin, but don't know what happened. Take my word for it, they were adorable.

*And lastly THE BIG NIGHT*
Again, not all the photos I uploaded appeared (hmm) but you get the jest.

We trick or treated, then ended the night at our neighbor's driveway for a little campfire action and s'mores. Amaya like that better than the trick-or-treating.

Our neighbors (and fellow Packer fans) Carrie and Nate's 'puppies' were festive as a pumpkin and a witch.

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