Thursday, April 21, 2011


Randomness...this is what I have to name my latest blog entry because I have been so bad about taking pictures lately. :( I should have a blog entry titled "Family Bonding" with pictures from visits by Uncle Chad, Uncle Brian, and both sets of grandparents. I should also have a blog entry titled "Birthday Fun" with pictures from Will's, Maxdyn's and Adia's birthday parties. And it would be fun to have another playdate blog entry since it's been awhile since I have blogged about playdates. Amaya's has had some fun and fabulous playdates lately! So, I am setting a goal for myself to capture in pictures more moments like those mentioned above. For are a few "random" pictures.

Sleeping Beauty: Children look so sweet when they sleep. Amaya doesn't usually nap, but on this particular day she was wiped out. She fell asleep at 5pm and slept until her usual time the next morning. Her usual bedtime is 730 or 8pm. She even stayed sleeping while we put her pajamas on. Had to be a growth spurt.

Scary monsters: Amaya has been having scary dreams lately. Sometimes we find her asleep on our bedroom floor in the morning. This is how we found her on one of those mornings...sound asleep with her head under our bed. Did she randomly roll into this position or was this intentional to hide from the scary monsters? I decided not to ask. Come daylight, it's best to let all thoughts and talk of scary monsters fade away into the sunshine.

Polka dot princess: Thank you Great-Grandma Keiser for this adorable dress. I love it!

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