Monday, May 9, 2011

Randomness- Part Two

I set the goal to take more pics of special moments in Amaya's life. Special everyday moments are easy to capture. It's the special moments with family and friends that don't get captured enough. I think it's because you get wrapped up enjoying the moments with your family and/or friends, that the next thing you know the event it over and you forgot to take out the camera. I shall keep trying! Meanwhile, here are more random but wonderful moments from Amaya's life.

Amaya and I built a fort this afternoon and she decided she wanted to sleep in it tonight. Really? On the hard, tile floor? So here she is with her pillow, blanket, blankie, and doll, ready to go to sleep. Once she got settled I thought for sure she'd change her mind for the obvious reasons. But no, she fell fast asleep and 3 hours later she is still there, sleeping soundly and peacefully. So sweet. Will she still be there in the morning? My money is on no, but I wouldn't be surprised.


I managed to get a photo of Amaya outside of church on Easter and checking out her Easter basket. But I neglected to get any photos of Amaya hunting for Easter eggs, having brunch with her friends Adia and Elliana, or having dinner with Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Jerry. :(

Scooter Time

Another special everyday moment.


Amaya loved listening to a local band perform in the town center at Verrado with Grandma and Grandpa. The music inspired her to hop up on her own little "stage" and bust a groove. It was a precious moment.


Amaya loves shopping and Amaya loves shoes, specifically heels. Wait until she's had to walk in heals for several hours. :)

Though she does rock a peep-toe pump!

A reminder that she's thankfully still just a little girl. A sweet little girl... most of the time;).


Amaya sweetly invited me to her preschool for Muffins for Moms, where she served me delicious muffins and juice. Before eating all the kids pampered their moms by doing their hair. Then after eating we all got awards, which were all different but equally funny. They were very clever....each award was a theater size box of candy and the name of the candy was indicative of the award. For example, I got the sweetheart award and Amaya said it was because "my mommy's favorite thing to do is love me." Melt. My. Heart! Amaya also made me a book entitled "My Mom Becky and I." It had fill in the blank sentences in it and it is soooo funny how the blanks were filled in. I love it when my mom (takes me to get a burger). My mom's favorite thing to do is (love me). My mom is (20) years old. My mom weights (39) pounds. My mom is cuter than (my dad). My mom and I like to play (games).


Feeding the ducks.

Sweet baby ducks with their momma.

Teeter totter fun.

Amaya wasn't impressed with the movement of the teeter totter. She wanted a better thrill. So......

.....she found a way to make it more fun.

She got that teeter totter to bob and bounce to her friends delight.

Laughter and giggles and squeals aplenty.

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