Sunday, December 4, 2011

Some Snapshots from November

November was another busy and fun month. As seen in previous blogpost, it was kicked off with a girls weekend in Vegas for me. Then came our annual journey to the Frozen Tundra. Amaya stayed with Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Jerry while we were gone and she got to get a mani/pedi again just like last year. See pics below. Next came a weekend of fun with Zoo Lights and Breaking Dawn. And the last weekend brought Thanksgiving, Christmas activities and Zackary's (Amaya's bff at pre-K) birthday party.

Clay and Becky
Sar and Jer

Now that's friendship!

I love these fingers and toes....

this silly face...

and that beautiful smile.

We sure missed this little munchkin while we were gone!

Zoo Lights with fabulous friends.

What a cute family!

Daddy-daughter carousel time.

Snuggling with Santa.

Amaya and Aleah ready to cheer for their team.

This baby carrier was a toy I had as a young girl.

Amaya even insisted on bringing Aleah to B-dubbs to watch the game, with the infant carrier. She makes a great little mommy.

Zackary and Amaya

Amaya and Zachary were so cute at Zachary's party! They rarely left each other's side for almost 3 hours. They climbed, slided, played games, won tickets, bought lizards and army men, played more games, won more tickets, bought more lizards and army men, ate together, and played somemore. Amaya was even right by Zach's side as he opened gifts. Then their pre-k teacher said ever since the party, they are inseparable during school, too. So sweet. They light up when they see each other. I love watching childhood friendships blossom and develop.

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