Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Family Fun at Telluride

It has become a tradition for Scott and I to go skiing over Valentine's weekend. This year we decided it was time to bring Amaya along to join in on the fun. We decided to go to Telluride this year because we've heard so many great things about both the area and the ski conditions. It did not disappoint. We didn't want to leave and Scott mentioned tonight he wished we could go back in March and do it again. I have a feeling our annual ski trip will be to Telluride every year from now on. It was an 8 1/2 hour car ride (which included a stop for lunch), but the drive went by very fast. Perhaps because the drive was so scenic and it also helped that Amaya was a great traveler. What a difference a year makes! I could not say the same thing about the 5 1/2 hour drive to Disneyland last March. Upon arriving we found Telluride to be this quaint little town full of charm and full of friendly, happy people. Telluride is a town with no chain hotels or restaurants, but is full of wonderful places to dine and stay. We loved where we stayed, Hotel Telluride, and would love to stay there everytime we return if possible. It had everything we look for when choosing a place to stay while skiing, ie great location, a fireplace, outdoor hot tubs, great mountain views, comfie beds, kitchenette, shuttle, and on-site restaurant/cocktail lounge. And then there is the skiing. What can we say. It was the best skiing we have ever experienced. Amazing! The powder was perfection! We arrived in sunshine, which quickly gave way to snow showers and it pretty much snowed for the rest of our trip. Which was not only fabulous for having fresh powder to ski in, but it was fabulous because Amaya had never seen it actually snow and that is something she has been wanting to experience for a long time. She was giddy with delight seeing the big, fluffy flakes fall from the sky. She loved, loved, loved catching them with her tongue. And to our delight, Amaya loved, loved, loved ski school. I cannot say enough about the Telluride Ski School. They do a fabulous job. Amaya had a blast, did great and cannot wait to go back. Other highlights for Amaya on her first ski-trip include riding in a gondola, eating snow, making snow angels, squeezing in some sledding, sitting by a fire and hot-tubbing outside while it was heavily snowing. It was a fabulous trip.

Cuddling up on the cozy bed upon arriving.

View from our balcony.


Snow on our balcony when we arrived.

Snow on our balcony the following morning.

Our favorite piece of luggage.

Waiting for the shuttle to take her to her first day of ski school.

Riding the Gondola.

My two Valentine's.

Telluride through the snow from the Gondola.

Mommy/Daughter Moment

I swear that Amaya and I under all that ski gear.

Ski school. Aren't they cute?!

Look at those cute little ski boots.

Amaya with skis on for the first time.

Snowing, snowing, snowing.

Mommy and daddy's first run of the trip.

Catching snow flakes with her tongue.

A brief break in the clouds.

We took advantage and snapped some photos while there was some visibility.

Our little skier.

Sledding break.


My Valentine. :)

Bye Telluride. We will miss you!!!

Bonafide Ski Bum ;)


Casey said...

Great pics Becky! Looks like you had a blast!

Kasey said...

Love it! Amaya is a perfect little snow bunny. Glad you had fun!!!