Saturday, March 31, 2012

7 Days of Blogging: Day 1

One of the many perks of AZ living is that so many people we know love visiting here, especially in the winter. Bonus! Here is a picture of Amaya getting to see her midwestern friends Katy and Elly, twin daughters of my friend Dawn. It's becoming an annual tradition. :) The same week we also got to see my friend Tina and her boyfriend Aaron, though I neglected to take any pictures. :(
Dawn and I and our about to be 5-year-olds. They had so much fun together too bad we don't live closer!
Amaya taking Kanani horseback riding.
I thought this was so cute.
Kung Fu Amaya
The love birds at Karate.
The animal of the week. Amaya's only constant at bedtime is her lovie. Her companion of choice changes week-to-week, sometimes day-to-day. This week her companion took up more of her bed than she did. Thought this was funny. Had to share. Don't worry, we made sure she could breath under the weight of Mr. Bear.
Amaya has been asking to take guitar lessons for a long time. So we signed her up and she loves it! She can tell us all the parts of the guitar and even play us a little melody. She's also learning to read music. She loves her instructor, Spencer, and so do we. But she doesn't always get to have him. :( Which is too bad cuz he is the best! She cracked him up on her first day, cuz he aked her if she wanted to play guitar because of Taylor Swift and she said no, because of Green Day. It caught him off guard and he busted out laughing. She did add that she does like Taylor Swift, too, though.

Amaya also decided that she wanted to give golf a try, which thrilled Scott. She seems to love it and has quite the natural swing from the get-go. Gee, I wonder why. Could be from watching golf on tv with dad virtually every weekend of her life. :)

A couple shots of my other golfer. ;)
That's all I have time for for now. Thus the blog title 7 days of blogging. I usually do a big blog post once a month. But for my March blogging, I decided to break it up over a week instead due to time constraints. Come back tomorrow for day 2 of 7. ;)

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