Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blogging Hiatus Over

I clearly took the summer off from blogging.  My blogging hiatus was intentional.  Knowing Amaya was going to be starting all-day Mon. through Fri. school, I focused as much time as possible during summer break enjoying my little sweetheart.  I knew I'd have lots of time once school started to work on projects, blogging, etc.  Now that day has come and gone, so back to blogging I go.

I will start off blogging about the biggest event of late in our family...the start of Amaya's elementary school career.  Then I will throw in a few pics from some other random moments of the summer.

Our little sweetheart on her first day of kindergarten.

Daddy took the day off to be a part of the festivities.
 What's a first day of kindergarten without a Tangled backpack, lunch box, and water bottle?
 Even mommy gets a photo with the kindergartener.
 Amaya got to choose where we took her for breakfast.  She picked donuts at the local grocery store/starbucks.  Surprise, surprise.  An employee offered to take a picture for us.  Amaya wanted to do it in front of the flowers rather than with our donuts, thus the strange background.
 The latest Riggs Roadrunner.
 There goes our little girl.....sigh.  No parents allowed past the gate.....another sigh.
 The adventure begins.
 A staff member showed Amaya where to put her things and pointed to the playground.  Off and running just like usual.
 There just aren't words....or actually, there are too many for a blogpost.
 First day done.  We were soooo excited to pick up Amaya we felt like kids waiting to open presents on Christmas.  We had brought flowers to Amaya's babysitter on her last day there, so Amaya had asked if she could get flowers for her first day of school.  We couldn't resist.  She told us she wanted pink roses without knowing they are mommy's favorite flower.  Like mother, like daughter.  She was so excited to get flowers for the first time.  It was the perfect way to welcome her home from her first day of school.
 Amaya belt tested for the first time earlier this summer. 
 Here she is getting her new Karate belt.
 So excited and so proud.  Click on the picture below to see her beaming face better.  ;)
 Teppanyaki for the first time is always an event/experience to remember.
 So much fun.
 And the food is always awesome, too.
 We took Amaya to ringling bros. and barnum & bailey dragons earlier this summer.  We went early and enjoyed pre-show festivities. 
 It was a fabulous circus.  We had a wonderful time.
 Some more than others. ;)  This is what I found after dropping off some documents shortly after the circus. 
 July 4th
 Our star spangled beauty...
 ...sparkling it up...
 ...while waiting for fireworks.

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