Saturday, August 25, 2012

Amaya's First School Dance

 Amaya's elementary school had an ice cream social last night.  It was so much fun seeing Amaya get so excited each time she found another school friend.  All of a sudden she'd be gone, running across the multi-purpose room, into the arms of another little girl we've never seen before.  It was so nice to finally start putting faces to all the names we've been hearing.  Then they put music on and Amaya and all her girlfriends instantly forgot about their ice cream.  Off they went to bust a groove.  They had so much fun.  Though it is hard to see our little ones growing up so fast, at the same time it is also so much fun! 
The school mascot can be seen showing his moves like Jagger in the background.

Memories in the making.  I imagine all the fun these girls will have growing up together. 
Makes one reflect on their own elementary days. 
Amaya, Sarah, Delaney, and Ilayda

They were fine posing for a quick picture.  But beyond that they started to get annoyed.  They really had better things to do.

Like gab.  Girls always have the gift for gab, don't they?!  I love listening to their conversations!

Amaya's monthly gym party had a sports theme this month.  The kids were suppose to come dressed the part.  Of course Amaya went dressed in Packer apparel.  As usual she had a blast, even winning a chance to get something from the prize bag.  She chose vampire fangs and put them to good use.

Amaya looked the part of the sweet cheerleading partner...

...until the vampire fangs came out.

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