Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Palm Springs

Over Labor Day weekend we traveled to Palm Springs with our fabulous friends the Stephensons.  Thanks to the matriarch of the Stephenson family, I can blog about the adventure.  Thanks Mae for taking some photos.  I can't believe I never got out my camera.  Guess I was just too busy having fun.  I do wish I had snapped a shot of the beautiful and scenic views overlooking the resort we stayed at, especially the views from the pool area.  Breathtaking!  Oh well.  Guess we'll have to go back.  ;)
The weekend was sooo much fun we definitely all plan to go back.  It was the perfect mix of friends, fun, golf, pool, sun, water, and sand....and a few umbrella drinks thrown in there, too.  I love, love, love Palm Springs.

The resort we stayed at was absolutely fabulous, and having a beach there to play in was the cherry on top.

Sheasus fell asleep on my back while playing "chugga chugga choo choo."  Such a sweet little girl!
 Tuckered out!

 Amaya, Brooklyn and Alexis made a couple of friends at dinner one night.  They had so much fun playing the parents had a relaxing and leisurely sushi dinner.  Gotta love outdoor dining in an out of the way area with only 2 tables when the other table is other parents.  So nice!

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