Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Amaya at 4 months

Hi there, everyone,

Amaya turned 4 months on Sunday. In one way, that is hard to believe. It seems the time has just flown by. But...in another way, it seems like she's been here forever. I suppose that is how it is with everyone's first baby. Amaya continues to be a pro at rolling. We sometimes find her on her tummy in the morning, the little stinker. She's also continuing to practice and prepare for crawling. Lately she has started developing a little aggressive side to her. While I was at work on Sunday night, Scott said she was batting at her toys on her gymini with all her might. She was hitting and kicking at them hard. I guess she was having a ball. Hopefully she'll use those skills for something constructive, like a sport. Amaya continues to show her assertiveness with her very loud ooohh's and aaahh's. Sometimes she does it for fun, in which case she is all smiles. And sometimes she does it to let you know she wants attention, in which case she smiles once you pick her up, sing a song, or play a game with her (or if you were not in the room, ie during her naptime, she smiles when she sees you). She enjoyed her loud ooohh's and aaahh's last Friday night, when we were on a girl's night out, to the point where it sounded like shrill screams. She was crackin' us up! It was so funny. She did it for atleast 5 minutes straight. She just kept getting louder and louder, and the louder she got, the more she seemed to enjoy it. I think she was crackin' herself up. Luckily we were in a very loud sport's bar and restaurant (a smoke-free one, of course), so she just blended in with all the other noise. We will definitely go back there when we want to go out. Gotta love a noisy restaurant when you're with a future horror movie star. Smile, smile.

Amaya had her 4-month check-up today. She's officially long and lean. She was in the 90th percentile for height (25 3/4 inches) and in the 25th percentile for weight (12 pounds, 12 ounces). Although, I think that they measured her a titch to long, there is a degree of error with a rolling 4 month old, I think. So she may be more around the 75th-80th percentiles. But even so, that still makes her long and lean. We swear we're feeding her. Smile, smile. She must have her daddy's build and metabolism. Amaya was in the 50th percentile for head circumference (16 1/4 inches). She got her 4 month vaccinations today, 1 oral vaccine and 4 injectable vaccines, and did very well with them. Just like last time, afterward I cuddled and soothed her, and once she stopped crying, she flashed me the biggest smile. So sweet. One would think she's wear a frown for atleast an hour after that, but not Amaya. Either she was so glad it was over or she just forgives and forgets very easily.

That's about all for now. We will blog, again, when we return from MN. We picked a good time to head north. Monsoon season is officially underway.
Love always,


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