Monday, July 30, 2007

Amaya's Great Adventures- MN

Hi there, everyone,

Amaya is officially a seasoned traveler. She has logged 7 flights, already, in her 4 1/2 months of life. And, once again, she traveled very well on our latest journey to MN. While in MN, she enjoyed seeing some family and friends that she had already gotten to meet. She, also, had a great time meeting lots of other family and friends for the first time. She even got to play footsie with a little expectant friend, who has since arrived (little Sophia, Amaya can't wait to meet you in person). Our stay in MN was very much too brief. We didn't get to see everyone that we wanted to and we didn't get enough time with those we did get to see. So, we are already looking forward to our next visit up north. We are hoping to be able to have more time to stay during our next visit! More than just the weekend!

On Amaya's MN journey, she did decide to throw us one curve ball. We had a long day of travel heading to MN due to weather delays. All had gone very well, considering, though, and Amaya had been so good, so it was still a nice day of travel. But, by the time we arrived later on Thursday than planned, we were tired and ready to collapse into bed. Still in good spirits, but tired...actually, exhausted. We got all our luggage unloaded and went to get Amaya out of her car seat and that is when we learned she had decided she had been way to good and sweet, she needed to give us a little challenge. In a nutshell, she had exploded, so to speak. She was sitting atop a puddle of "melted chocolate." The kind that doesn't smell so good. There was so much it was in every nook and cranny Amaya's car seat has, and had migrated through all layers and on to the floor. So, the next few hours were spent attending to that scenario, so by the time we crawled into bed, we had never been so excited to go to sleep. Smile, smile. We later surmised Amaya is starting to cut a tooth, thus the diarrhea. The same day she started the excessive drooling and we can already see a tip of white trying to break through. Oh, the challenges of parenthood. Smile, smile. Makes for a good laugh after the fact, though!

Amaya decided to bring home an unexpected souvenir from her MN travels. She came home with her first little cold. Poor little sweetheart. She remains in good spirits, though, still happy and smiley. She has a very runny nose, nasal congestion, and a very occasional sneeze and cough. She had 2 days where she ate a lot less and didn't sleep very well, but she's eating more and sleeping better already, so we are hoping she's on the mend.

Let's see....that's about all for the update this time. We were too busy enjoying seeing our friends and family that we weren't very good about taking pics. We'd remember at the end of the evening and all snap a few pics. I wish I had taken one of all the children/babies together before they started leaving for the evening and/or going to sleep. So next time I will remember to take a picture of Amaya and her friends to share with all of you.

So, instead, here are pictures of Amaya sporting some of her pj's. She's all cozy and ready for some solid sack time. Much needed after the hustle and bustle of her MN adventure!

Next to come....
Stay tuned for pictures of Amaya eating her first rice cereal (scheduled for sometime this week). That could produce some interesting pictures. Smile, smile. Also, the temps have dipped, so we may just get Amaya back into the pool later this week. And any day now we are anticipating that tooth to break through. So that could be in the next update or in an update weeks from now. We shall see. Meanwhile, everyone enjoy the rest of summer. Thinking of you all.

Love always,

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