Thursday, July 12, 2007

We're blogging it.

Hello Family and Friends,

Here is our first entry on our first blog. This will be a nice way to keep everyone updated on the little one. So, from now on, instead of email updates, you can just log on to our blog if you want to hear the latest on Amaya.

A little synopsis on Amaya's last month: Amaya has been doing well. She's been sleeping through the night 8-10 hours consistently since June 11, with the exception of a 3 day growth spurt at the end of June. Amaya starting rolling from her belly to her back June 22 and from her back to her belly on July 2. So now she's rolling all over the place. She's enjoying her new found independence and you can tell she's ready for her next challenge. She's been trying to get up on her knees and rock, but her legs keep slipping back. She'll get it soon I'm sure and then the next thing we'll know is she be crawling all over, exploring. She continues to do lots of "talking" and she loves "blowing bubbles" which sometimes produces bubbles, but the rest of the time it just appears that she likes to spit and a stick her tongue out. She frequently says yeah, and sometimes coincidentally it is in response to a yes or no question, which is always funny. We know, though, this is not really her first word, but in the same category with her aahhh's and oohhh's. She has different tones to her sounds that crack us up. There's her sweet tones, then there's her "I want something" tone. She does let us know when it's time for a new activity, some cuddling, or time to get off the phone with that tone. It's quite funny. We'll also hear that tone when she's done with a nap. Sometimes when she wakes up, instead of crying, she'll use "that tone" and call us with her oohh's and aahh's. She'll call out a few times, pause, then call out some more until we arrive. So funny how babies are just little people. Amaya will be 4 months old in a few days, hard to believe, so next week we will have another weight and length update. She's outgrown lots of clothes, so we shall see how much her measurements have changed in 2 months. That also means more shots, poor little gal. They get so many nowdays. At 2 months she had 6 different immunizations (1 oral, 5 injectable).

Next week Amaya is also going on her 3rd trip, this time to MN for a wedding. So she's becoming a seasoned air traveler early. She will get to see her boyfriend that came to visit her in April, again, so she's excited. She also gets to meet atleast 2 other little friends that were born recently, so she should have a great time. On top of all that, she'll get to meet 2 more cousins. Big weekend for Amaya! Hopefully the flights go as smooth as in the past. Smile, smile. Well, that is all we have for now. We look forward to updates from all of you as well!

Scott, Becky, and Amaya (SBandA)

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