Friday, February 13, 2009

Amaya the Climber

Well, we've long known Amaya is a climber. What can we say...she's part monkey. So, we knew it was just a matter of time before she started climbing out of her crib. Although, there were times when we thought she may never try because she loves her crib. Make that loved her crib. Until Monday night that is. Before Monday, Amaya was the child that would sometimes ask to go to bed before it was even naptime or bedtime. She'd usually talk and/or sing to herself for quite sometime before she go to sleep. She'd wake up talking and singing. Overall, her crib was definitely one of her happy places. Even forgoing storytime in lieu of starting cribtime sooner. We started reading to her earlier in the evening in the family room so mommy and daddy could still partake in storytime with Amaya. Because we knew she'd answer "no, bed" to the question "should we read a story" upon entering her room at bedtime. But then the storm came. It was quite a storm, with heavy rain and strong winds, thus making it a very loud and scary storm. This was the night Amaya fell out of love with her crib and learned instantaneously to fly on out of it. Seriously, it takes her not even 3 seconds to climb out of her crib, open her door and arrive in our room. It is actually quite hilarious. The image of it is so darn funny I wish I could somehow video it. The first time she got out of the crib I was on my way down the hall to go to her when I saw her door fly open and her run out in a dead sprint. And the look on her face, oh the look on her face. What a little sweetheart. Since that fateful night, she has "flown" out of her crib atleast 100 times, no exageration, and she landed on her feet everytime. But even so, we decided it was time for a toddler bed. Thurs. morning I heard her crawl out of her crib, but she didn't come out of her room. She fell asleep on the floor. So, clearly she was ready to sleep somewhere other than her crib. So below you will find a picture of Amaya's new "big girl" bed. So far she's very excited about it and seems to love it. Hope this love affair lasts for as long as the one with her crib!

Here is another picture I had to share. Today Amaya wasn't sleepy at her usual naptime. She sat in her "big girl" bed for 45 minutes playing and never went to sleep. But clearly she's not ready to drop her nap all together. This is what I found after I ran upstairs to switch out the laundry. Michael Buble' was playing loudly. The windows were all open and dogs were barking. But there she slept on the cold, hard tile. So sweet.


Christine said...

I was just saying to Vern today that I wondered how soon it would be before Emma starting crawling out of her crib. She's part monkey also. I guess it probably won't be long now. :0)

Riecke's said...

oh oh...I dread the day. Will is now screaming at nap and bed time...and at 1am this morning...screaming or trying to say nicely "mama" or "dada"... I want to run far away... I feel bad for him, yet also have no clue why he is being so difficult! Wish me luck!

John, Erin and Jaxon said...

OH she better not teach Jaxon that trick!! :) love the bed...loved the pic of her on the floor though..that is priceless!