Sunday, February 15, 2009

Baking With Mommy

Here are some pictures of Amaya and I baking daddy's favorite cookies for Valentine's Day. I found the cutest kid's baking kit so that Amaya could "help" me. She "helped" me for about 15 minutes, then she was ready to go do something else. Looks like it'll be a few years yet until she has the attention span to bake with mommy. I enjoyed our 15 minutes, though. And I think her play-doh cookies turned out great! She's a natural. Smile, smile.

"Before we start, you better preheat the oven, mom."

"O.K. Now let's see if we have everything we need."

"We have our whisk...
...some measuring spoons...
...and a rolling pin. We're set."
"O.K., mom, let's roll out our dough."
"Now we can use our cookie cutters to cut-out the cookies."
"Push hard."
"Look at that...a perfect heart."

"All done. Let's go outside now."

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