Friday, February 6, 2009

Back to Bloggin'

I'm baaaack. This post marks my official return to bloggin'. My goal is to get back to my weekly bloggin' sessions. I know, I's about time. Believe you me, this return was planned for Jan. 6th, not Feb. 6th, but....the best laid know how it goes. It all started with football season. Scott and I don't miss Packer games, and this year, for the obvious reasons, we tried not to miss Jets games. So, with Amaya being an active toddler now, this year we opted to take her to grandma and grandpa's on Sundays. We didn't think she'd enjoy 3 hours at b-dubbs on Sundays as much as she did last year. Big difference between 6-9 months of age and 18-21 months of age. So, that meant a 2-hour drive in addition to the 3-3.5 hour game viewing time on Sundays. Thus the reduction in free time. Somethings gotta bloggin'. But I did manage to blog monthly...until Dec. Then we were too busy enjoying the holidays and football, so I took the month off of bloggin' with plans to get back at it in Jan. I took the first clip below between Christmas and New Year's and planned to get back to bloggin' with it. Then I began having stomach pains the week of New Year's and my bloggin' time was replaced with trips to dr.'s, ultrasounds, mri's, and labs. Long story short, luckily my condition is looking to be benign. I may be having surgery, but sounds like if I have to, it should be a speedy recovery. So, anyway....other than football, holiday festivities, and dr. apt.'s, we've kept busy in Dec. and Jan. with the usual mix of work, family time, friend time, playdates, etc., etc. We're busting at the seams at work... babies, babies everywhere. So I've also been working a lot more lately. I'm on day shift now. Yeah! I love it. So I don't mind working extra. I miss Amaya, but it's good for her, now that she's nearing the big 2, to have the interaction of "school." She'll be starting at La Petite in March. Until then, we've been blessed to have our friend Erin looking after Amaya, allowing her to get used to being away from home all day. Between that and her enjoyment of the gym daycare center, I am confident she'll love her new "school" as they call it. Every time we've stopped by she was off and running, not wanting to leave. So, we'll see how it goes when mom and dad aren't there. Other than that, Amaya continues to be little miss sweetheart and little miss fun, fun, fun...keeping us perpetually entertained. You all know how funny toddlers are...with their play, exploration, talking, etc., etc. Here's a few clips from Dec. of the little sweetheart and I promise I'll get some current pics posted in my next blog entry. Have a great weekend everyone.

Amaya and Elmo Dancing (sometime after Christmas)

Amaya's First Popsicle (12-4-08)

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John, Erin and Jaxon said...

Welcome back to blogging! :) We missed seeing all of Amaya's tricks! love the dance with MelMo :)