Thursday, October 21, 2010

Amaya's First Day of Preschool

Amaya started preschool today. She was soooo excited. She's already been there 3 times. Once was for a tour and registration. The second time was for the grand opening (see first 3 pics below). The third time was for "meet the teacher" night. So the surroundings were familiar to her and she was off and running the minute she walked into her classroom. I barely managed to get a hug and kiss. So I know she'll have a great time and love it. Oh, to watch them grow and develop......sigh.....she's getting so big, smart, and independent already. Can we hit the pause button? :) I am full of feelings of love and pride, excitement for her and this new adventure, and protectiveness all at once. I can't wait to go pick her up and hear all about her first day of school.

Enjoying cotton candy at the grand opening.
She loved the karate demonstration. Now she wants karate lessons. Yesterday she built a tower and karate chopped it.

A grand opening celebration isn't complete without a bounce house.

So excited!
Enjoying the crisp, cool fall morning before heading to preschool.
Time to get in the car. She was bummed she didn't get to ride a school bus.
Eating a quick snack before heading in. I am sure she'll still be starving when I pick her up, even though they do have snack time. We still can't keep her full!
Admiring her classmates backpacks.
Hanging up her backpack.
Checking out her cubby bin.

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