Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Amaya's First Trip to the Beach

Here are some pictures from Amaya's first trip to the beach. She had been asking to go to the beach for months. That is the main reason we planned our San Diego trip. And it didn't disappoint. She had a blast playing in the sand, from building sandcastles to making sand angels (like snow angels). But her favorite part by far was the ocean. She loved, loved, loved wading through the waves (despite the cold water) and walking along ocean in the wet sand. She was a little too brave for our taste, wading further and further out. We never took a hand off of her while she was in the water and miss independent didn't like that very much. Our beach day was a cool one with an overcast sky, but we had a fabulous time anyway. We can't wait to go back.

I also threw a picture in at the end from a recent visit of some extended family. 2 of my mom's brothers and 1 of her sisters-in-law were able to pop out for a quick visit to help her celebrate the big 6-0. It was fabulous to see them and made us wish the whole gang could have gotten together. :)

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