Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Amaya's Summer Activities

Movie Time
The local theater had $2 morning matinees of previously released kids movies this summer. We saw Charlotte's Web, Shrek the Third, and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.
Computer Time
Amaya loved her computer class. Amaya hated her spanish class. She said the teacher was mean and threw her out the window. Both classes were at Snedigar but on different days. When she noticed us heading in that direction in the car, she'd always ask which class we were going to. She begged not to go to spanish class. The poor sweetheart. I finally let her stop going to spanish towards the end. (The a/c broke down in the building her class was located in so we got moved to the employee break room in another building.)
Dance Time
Amaya loves, loves, loves to dance.
I included this picture because it shows Amaya talking to one of her 2 little friends that are a sister duo whom know the FAVRES! They've hung out at the FAVRE's home when they lived in Green Bay. The sister duo are the girls in the black leotards with the colorful skirts. Their mom and I love chatting about the Pack while our girls dance.
An Action Shot
And Another Action Shot
Run Time
Slide Time
Birthday Party Time
Amaya and Jaxon waiting patiently for cake at little Brooks birthday party.
The Birthday Boy
Kate and Jaxon chatting it up.
Amaya pushing Jax on the swing.

I had the cutest picture of Amaya and her friend Will at the party that was suppose to upload here. Don't know what happened. :(
Soccer Time
Pre-practice stretching.
Cheering on her "teammates."
Soccer Stop
Running Drills
Kick that Ball
Hula Hoop Time
You go Amaya!
More drills.
Great dribbling Amaya!
Way to control the ball!
Notice the dress and sneaker look. Didn't you know that's the latest thing? :) Atleast to Amaya. I was rarely able to convince her to wear pants or shorts to soccer. She very much prefers to wear dresses.
But, the dresses don't slow her down.
She shows the soccer ball who's boss.
Play Date Time
Amaya enjoys just hanging with her peops. Here she is with Jax being silly.
Amaya also enjoyed playdates with her other friends. I just don't take pictures as often anymore.
Puppet Show Time
Enjoying a Cinderella puppet show with one of her good buds Brooklyn.
It was cute.
Pool Time
Fun in the sun with Ellie, Brooklyn and Alexis.
We also enjoyed pool time with Brooks, Ben, Jax, and Felicia at various times during the summer but I neglected to take pics.
*Other summer activities Amaya enjoys include sidewalk chalking, hop scotching, bubble blowing/catching, waterparking, splash pading, lunching, bounce housing, and gym-going. Don't have pics of these fun activies, but she loves them no less.

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