Friday, January 11, 2008

Amaya's Latest

I thought I would add a few little tidbits about what Amaya's up to lately. She's decided she loves practicing her stair climbing abilities. She makes a dash for them every chance she gets, and she's getting very brave so we have to be very careful. She can go the whole way up on her own now, but since she likes to go down head first, we haven't let her practice that skill as much. Just a few stairs for the downward direction.

It has also become apparent that Amaya loves to dance. Whenever music comes on, whether it's on a commercial, t.v. show, c.d. player, radio, or one of her toys, she immediately starts swaying to the beat. She even dances like a rapper or hip hop artist sometimes, with one hand in the air moving to the beat. It's quite funny. Maybe we have a little Cheryl Burke in the making. Smile, smile.

Those are two things that stand out to share. Other than that, she is your typical little pre-toddler. She loves to explore, play, chat, and she's even starting to mimic what we do. She loves to talk on the phone like big people, and she even has called people. Guess I can't let her play with our phone anymore. Not with caller id call back and an in phone phonebook. For instance, yesterday my cell started ringing and I went to grab it and it said it was home calling. Sure enough, Amaya was playing with the house phone. Too funny! Amaya also is very adventurous in her eating. She'll eat anything we are eating. Hopefully that trend continues as we transition her away from baby food. I will have to post some very funny meal-time pics in my next posting. I would post them now, but I need to take them first. Smile, smile. Later. LA, SBand A

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