Friday, January 11, 2008

Babies Who Lunch

Amaya and I had another lunch date today. Amaya finally got to meet Will's other girlfriend, Emma. She's a cutie-pie just like Amaya, so Amaya's got some competition for Will's affections. Although Will is so laid back, I am sure he has enough love to go around to all his little girlfriends, including one newly born and one soon to be born. I am sure there are many others, too. Will is such a sweet little guy, a true "ladies man." Smile, smile. Amaya and Emma had a rocky start to their relationship, but by the end of lunch they were "old friends." In other words, Emma no longer scared Amaya. At the start of lunch, Amaya was checking out Emma and Emma just decided she would jump start the relationship. She is very "assertive" and that took Amaya by surprise. Basically, Emma is a touchy, feely baby and Amaya isn't. That part didn't surprise me. Amaya was that way with Will at first, also. But what really scared Amaya was how loud and vocal Emma was. That part surprised me because that's usually Amaya, too. Amaya is always very loud and vocal. Maybe that's why Amaya got upset. She's use to Will just sitting back and letting Amaya do all the "talking." She's not use to another baby as loud as herself. Who knows. Anyway, by the end of lunch Amaya had gotten over it and was interested in her new playmate, and her ol' pal Will of course. So funny.


Riecke's said...

I have to say, they are quite the cute couple! Will is quite the ladies man! Hee hee! He was such a trooper to hang out with 7 women and just wait til Ellie and Baby Stephenson join the group!!! I think it's definitely time to make sure my friends with boys start joining in! It was so great to have our playdate! Looking forward to the next one!!!!!

Brett and Mae said...

You never know, Baby Stephenson may have grown a penis since the 14 week ultrasound, then Will might have some competition! We'll find out thurs, though the last Ultrasound told us 90% it's a lil girl so we'll just have to see! Anyway, they are all very cute...can't wait til I can come with my lil to these lunches in about 5 months!