Thursday, January 3, 2008

Midwest Christmas- part 1

Daddy and Amaya
enjoying gift opening.

Love at first sight. Amaya got a musical glowworm from Great Aunt Gayle and Great Uncle Kevin and instantly loved it.
We're back to bloggin' after a holiday hiatus. We traveled north for Christmas this year, and Amaya had a ball experiencing many new things. She traveled well, thank goodness. We weren't quite sure how it would be keeping a 9-month-old occupied while traveling all-day, but she was a peach. We even had a 2-hour delay. Above are pictures from Amaya's first Keiser family Christmas. She seemed to enjoy all the commotion that comes with 24 people gathering in a room and opening presents. She was uncharacteristically quiet part of the time, sitting back and taking it all in. Every so often her usual, vocal self would peek out, though. She seemed to have fun playing with and watching all the other kids, except when they would steal the toy she was playing with. We have to work on sharing. Smile, smile. She's never been around so many other little ones at one time, so that was fun to watch.

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