Thursday, January 3, 2008

French Girl

This was Christmas Eve day. Amaya was a pretty-in-pink French girl and also lover. Upon arriving at Grandma Kim's and Grandpa John's Amaya instantly fell in love with their golden retriever Meggie. When she saw Meggie she started to cry and one would think it was because she was afraid of the big dog. But, no, it was because she wanted to be put down so she could play with the doggie. Grandma put her down and she immediately crawled to Meggie. Amaya was soooo excited. She didn't mind the big wet tongue on her cheek or the fluffy tail slapping her in the head. She just loved the doggie. We're quickly learning Amaya is an animal lover, as she doesn't even get afraid when Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Jerry's neighbors' dog barks at her. Eventually, though, Meggie caught on that this little one was going to be a little rougher that the big people, so Meggie steered clear when possible. So...Amaya transferred her love and affection to Grandma's dog sculptures instead. Throughout our stay, Amaya would repeatedly find her way to the dog sculptures to pet them, feel them and hug them. So precious.

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