Thursday, February 14, 2008

Baby Steps

Yesterday, February 13th, Amaya took her first steps. Very fun and exciting! Amaya and I were playing in her room after naptime. She was playing with her books, then decided to go check out her big picture book of animals on her side table. She stood at the table a moment, then looked over at her crib. She must've decided that she wanted her pacifier, and that it would be easier to just WALK, rather than drop down and crawl. The distance from her side table to her crib is exactly 2 feet and it took her four perfect little steps. Mommy was soooo excited. After dinner and after getting Amaya ready for bed, we decided to see if she would do it again for daddy and she did...several times. Of course, we discovered our video camera battery wasn't charged, but since our digital camera can take video clips, we captured one of her walking events. A shorter one, with shorter steps, but equally precious. Please forgive the picture quality. The lights were dimmed for bedtime and our digital camera obviously doesn't automatically compensate like our video camera. I'll post more clips later from our video camera.


Riecke's said...

Way to go Amaya!!!!!! We are so proud of you. Next playdate maybe you and Will will be running all over! Woo hoo!!!!!

Brett and Mae said...

She's all grows up now! Yeah for Amaya! Too Cute. Can't wait to see her again soon.... It's been a while!

John, Erin and Jaxon said...

Amaya we are so proud of you... we can't wait till our next play date so you can show us in person!!