Sunday, February 10, 2008

Playdate in the Park: more special times with friends

Friday Amaya and I had another playdate with our "play group." This time we met at the park since our "cold winter weather" is gone, then we ventured over to the pond to feed the ducks. The high for Friday was 74 degrees. It was a beautiful day. We kicked the playdate off with some swinging, Amaya's favorite. It was Will's first time swinging, and Emma's second, but they were naturals. They were even good about sharing a swing, since there were only two. Every so often Will would reach back and pet Emma's head, but she would push back against him and put him back in his place.

Amaya let us know when it was time to move on to the slides.
Here the kids are playing at the slides. It was fun to see them interact. This is the only picture I got of them once they were "at the slides" and exploring on their own. At that point, cameras got put down and we stayed busy following the little ones around, keeping them safe, and keeping stuff out of their mouths.

I didn't get any pictures at the duck pond because I stayed busy feeding the ducks. I could hardly keep up with their demand. They are getting to know us, that's for sure. Until we started bringing bread, they pretty much avoided us. But now that we bring food, they come a, uh, make that a swimming and a waddling. At first when we arrived on Friday I thought maybe they had forgotten us, because they didn't come right away. But they must have just not seen us at first, they were on the opposite side of the pond, because all of a sudden they headed our way and they swam so fast they made waves. Mr. Laid Back (aka Will) enjoyed sitting in the grass, chilling, and watching the ducks. Miss Assertive/Aggressive (aka Emma) wanted to play tackle with the ducks, so her mommy had to hold her back. Miss Don't Touch Me (aka Amaya) was happily dangling from the baby bjorn so that mommy had her hands free to do the feeding, so she just enjoyed the view.

As you can see, all the activity wiped the kids out! They all fell asleep on the way back from the pond. Even Miss Amaya in the baby bjorn. Too cute.

It was a fun day. The only thing that could've made it better was the missing members of the play group. Mae and expectant baby Stephenson were unable to join us because Mae was sick and didn't want to be around the babies. Miss Ellie and her mommy Joo were missing because Miss Ellie needs to get a little bigger so she can hold her own in the play group. And Jaxon and his mommy, who plan to join the playgroup, spent the day bonding with daddy. We'll look forward to them joining us next time!!! Happy playing everyone!

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