Monday, February 25, 2008

Quick Little Update

Hi everyone,

Haven't posted for awhile, so I thought I'd quick post a little update. I will follow with some photos later this week. I am not posting photos from the weekend because we had a nice, low-key, routine weekend and you've all seen pics from our "routine weekend." Park pics, pond pics, walk pics, out-to-dinner pics, playing in the family room pics, etc. I will get more creative with the next posting. I promise. I need to start taking photos of Amaya with the adults in her life, again. Amaya's great-grandma and great-aunt were just in AZ for a visit and I didn't snap any photos of Amaya with them. Darn. She's hardly held long enough these days for those photo opts. She's always off exploring and playing. I will have to try harder. I need some more pics of Amaya with her grandparents, too. So, anyway, as I said above, we had a nice, routine weekend. Saturday morning Scott and I took turns heading to the gym. We're not comfortable leaving Amaya in the gym daycare yet. Next is lunch time, followed by a walk to the duck pond and park. Then, when Amaya goes down for her afternoon nap, we clean the house. After that, we wind down the day with going out to eat. Saturdays go pretty fast nowdays, but they sure are fun. This Saturday, Amaya entertained us like never before while we were out to dinner. We were laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes and Scott's face was red. Most of you know how Amaya loves music and how she also loves dancing. Even commercial jingles get her a smiling and a dancing. Well, Applebee's was obviously playing her kind of music, because at dinner she jammed like she's never jammed before. And not only was she jamming, but she was sooo into the music. Her facial expressions that went along with the jamming were what put us over the edge. She looked like an adult taking in a concert of his or her favorite band. She was having a ball. It was hilarious. I should've taken a video clip so that we could share. Darn. So, anyway, other than our usual routine, the weekend held watching the Players Championship for Scott, both live-Friday (it's played in Tucson now), and on t.v. -Sat. and Sun. For Amaya the weekend held quality time with dad, more rough and tumble, and practicing her walking. She'll practically cross the room now, 12-16 steps. It won't be long until she's off and running. She runs along the furniture now. She's very busy. She's becoming less and less baby and more and more toddler everyday. So sweet. The rest of the weekend for me held shopping, shopping, shopping for Amaya. When you're on, you're on. I found too much great stuff, but found great deals, too, so it's all good. We're all set for her birthday now. We're keeping her 1st birthday low-key so that the focus stays on her and so she doesn't get overwhelmed. Just family. I'd love to have a big, blow-out celebration with all of our wonderful friends, but I think that would be a bit much for Amaya. Daddy talked some sense into me on that one. Maybe next year she'll be old enough for a big celebration. So, anyway, even though we're keeping it small, I still went all out on the cake, decorations, gifts, etc. I've waited a long time to throw my little one a 1st birthday party! I want to do it up! So that's the "little" update for now. Spring is in the air here , so I was busy packing Amaya's winter clothes away today and washing up the new round of clothes. Therefore Amaya will be in some new outfits in upcoming photos. Talk about bittersweet. It was fun to get out more new clothes for Amaya, but hard to pack away her winter things and the clothes that are getting snug. The 70's and 80's are here to stay, though, temperature wise, so I don't think it would make me a very good mommy if I put cold weather clothes on Amaya just because I'm not ready to pack them away. So her closet has once again changed it's look. Crazy how the seasons fly. O.K. That's all for now. Again, I'll try to get more creative in the next posting!

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