Sunday, March 16, 2008

Amaya Visits the Zoo

Scott took Friday off and we took Amaya to the Phoenix Zoo for the first time. She just loves animals, so she had a nice time. The weather was perfect and we went early, thus beating the crowds. But... we did have to be careful not to get run-over by a group of jogging mommies pushing their kids in strollers. That was interesting. We kept coming upon them. Their were atleast 20 of them, so they were hard to miss. Interesting place to go for your morning work-out. So, anyway, here are a few pics from our zoo adventure. We bought a membership, so I am sure we'll be back lots.

Amaya pointing at the monkeys. Thank goodness she's not old enough to ask questions yet. Smile, smile. If you click on the picture to enlarge it and look closely you'll see what I mean.

Daddy and Amaya checking out the orangutans.

Here they are. Isn't the baby orangutan cute?!

Daddy and Amaya waiting for a camel to come by.

Amaya, Scott and myself grabbing a little lunch...oh wait...

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