Friday, March 21, 2008

Amaya's Second Kihle Family Gathering

Amaya got to meet more family members on Wednesday. She had a ball! Especially with her cousins (once removed), Brooke and Eric. She was having so much fun hanging with everyone, she refused to take an afternoon nap. And she never even got fussy. She was having too much fun. And we discovered that she is a ham like her daddy was when he was a baby. She had us all rolling with laughter several times with her dancing, mannerisms, posing for the camera, taking pictures herself, and with her famous appetite. She can put away food like nobody's business.

Here she is with Brooke, Eric, and her new puppy that her Great Aunt Kathleen and Great Uncle Lowell brought her. She just loves puppies. She was soooo excited when she saw it. It will be fun to get her a real puppy someday. Amaya also got two adorable dresses from Layne, Lynda, Brooke, and Eric. She's a lucky lady to have so many people spoil her with gifts!
Here's the whole gang...sans the photographer (aka me). Standing in back is Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Cindy. Kneeling in back is Great Uncle Lowell, whom Amaya had met last July. Seated on the couch is (l. to r.) cousin Eric, Great Uncle Layne (Eric and Brooke's dad), Great Aunt Kathleen (whom Amaya met last July, too), cousin Brooke, Great Aunt Lynda (she belongs to Brooke, Eric, and Layne), and daddy.
Instant replay, only Amaya's looking at the camera and the bunny ears are gone (brothers... smile, smile).
Next time we need to get the entire Kihle clan together. We missed all those not present. Marriage proposal anyone?

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