Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring is in Bloom

O.K. This is our second spring in Arizona and I've officially decided I love it here. Arizona is definitely growing on me. The longer we're here, the more I love it. And now that we've discovered how close we are to a winter wonderland during the winter months, we realize we can have our cake and eat it too. And spring in "the valley" is the best. It reminds me of May and early June in North Dakota, and April, too, those years when we had warm springs. Everything's starting to bloom. The air smells sweet. Temps are perfect. No humidity. Cool evenings. Perfect outside weather. We start to live on our patio this time of year. We even have a t.v. on our patio. Though we discovered we tend to not use it much. Just last night Scott and I went outside before bed to gaze at the stars because it was a beautiful, clear night. We can see the stars so well in AZ compared to Chicago. Less city light interfering. So, anyway, spring is in the air, and we're loving it. Check out some blooms from our blue hibiscus. It's finally giving us lots of blooms. Yeah. Will post more pics once everything is fully blooming.

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