Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And the Play Group Grows

Baby Ellie makes her inaugeral appearance at our play group gatherings. What a sweetie! Sleeping beauty.
And Jaxon makes his inaugeral appearance, too. Along with his puppy. Will's so happy to have a fellow boy join the group!Here are the original members of the play group catching up...
...and patiently waiting for their grilled cheese sandwiches.
Amaya enjoyed her grilled cheese. Will enjoyed playing with Amaya's placemat. Amaya enjoyed watching people get their soda.
Will enjoyed Ellie's soft hair.
All four kiddos together. The only current member not able to make it was miss Emma. Hopefully we'll catch her at the next gathering.
Here the boys are putting the moves on the girls. No kidding. Will couldn't keep his hands off Ellie and Jaxon couldn't keep his hands off Amaya. How funny.
I guess that means Jaxon likes "older women" and Will likes to "rob the cradle"...literally in this case.

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Riecke's said...

Thank you for posting the pics so soon. I love em! So glad we all got to get together. Next one zoo for sure! Hugs!!!