Tuesday, March 4, 2008

NO!!! HE DIDN'T!!!


Our beloved Brett Favre has retired. The Mitchell household is officially in mourning. The phone has begun ringing off the hook with condolence calls. O.K. Slight exaggeration. A few people have called to check on us. We are hanging in there. We just weren't mentally prepared for this decision. We were sure he was going to come back for one more season. We are shocked, stunned, in disbelief. If only we had one more game to watch, one last goodbye, it would be easier. How do we say goodbye? It's been so long. Years and years and years. Our (Scott and I) relationship with Brett Favre almost goes back as far as our relationship. Scott and I started dating in Jan. of 1992, and Brett Favre took over as the Packers' quarterback the fall of 1992. Every fall for our entire relationship thus far we watched Brett Favre lead the Packers. Falls in high school. Falls throughout college. Falls during our early marriage, well, falls during our entire marriage so far. Falls in the midwest and falls in AZ. Even our daughter's first fall season centered around Sundays spent watching Brett Favre. Atleast she got to experience a season of Brett Favre's extraordinary abilities. That's a good thing. So, I guess there's nothing left to say except for a congratulations to Brett Favre on his retirement. Congratulations, too, on a glorious career. Thanks for all the memories!!! We will miss you. But we find comfort in knowing that Brett's been mentoring Aaron Rodgers for several seasons now. It will be fun and exciting to see him have his chance to show us what he can do. I've liked what I've seen each time he's seen action so far. I am optimistic that he will be another Packer great. We'll see!


Riecke's said...

Who's Brett Favre? Hee hee!

AKWJ said...

Your family is our our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. :-) Amy